Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DR is off to Kansas!!

DR left for Kansas yesterday morning. He left at 6:30 AM and made it to his destination in SW Kansas at 9:00 PM and only stopped for gas. As for me and the kids, I'm not anticipating us getting to Kansas any sooner than mid-July. Six weeks or so at the earliest. Maybe even later. The current residents of the house we are in the works to buy won't be in their new house until the first of July at the earliest. The moving company who will be packing up our house needs two weeks notice and will fit us in whenever they can. So are the ebbs and flows of moving.

This last week was pretty hectic. DR spent the week trying to get as many things done around the house that he could. Sowing our garden back to grass seed, mowing the lawn one last time, fixing bike tars and taking a car to Goodwill. Yes, we donated a car to Goodwill. It was an old Volvo wagon that leaked so much oil I would have felt terrible actually taking money for it!

We spent a day at the Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette on Saturday. We rode the train and sat in the bald eagle nest but  the big draws of the day were the otters and the gibbons. There was a plexiglass tube under the otter pond kids could crawl into and the otters would swim right over the top. The gibbons were howling up a storm and Yip and Yap spent a good 15 minutes hooting and howling and the gibbons would break out in chorus hooting and howling back an answer!

Even though we've moved a lot, this one is going to be a tough move. The last couple of times we've moved, it has only been a few hours away, close enough for DR to come home every once in a while. There isn't any coming home from Kansas every few weeks!! Even when we were separated for six months, when DR was in Delaware, was easier than this because we didn't have kids. DR said he was going to miss changing diapers!!! We'll see!

And of course Yip, Yap and Yahoo have never been separated from their dad for this long either. They both wanted to go to Kansas too yesterday. (I'm not going into the private family stuff...but there were tears all around when Daddy pulled out.) Poor guys are going to miss their daddy! Hopefully, we'll be too busy to get sad. We still have a lot of stuff to do before the big moving day!

DR and I were even able to squeeze in a date over the weekend and hit some of his old (and new) college hangouts at Purdue! Nine Irish Brothers, LBC, and just walking around campus. Wow! I never thought I'd ever come to love West Lafayette this much. DR and I figured up that during the 7 years we've been married that we've lived apart for 12 months of that time. It's never easy to see him go and harder to adjust to the fact he isn't home in the evenings. I miss him already and he hasn't even been gone a day yet. Of course now I can watch Gone With the Wind without listening to him complain!!

It finally started sinking in over the past weekend that DR was leaving and we'll be gone soon. It's sad to think of all the wonderful people, places and memories we'll be leaving behind. Even though six weeks sounds like a long time I know it will be over before I know it. But I'm already anticipating all the great things we'll be able to do in Kansas. Besides for this move we are actually moving close to family! I have two brothers waiting for me in Kansas! Poor single bachelors that they are already calling in sewing and cooking favors :) I don't mind though. I can't wait to see them and finally get to our new home!! And six weeks isn't long at all. We'll all be reunited before we know it!!

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