Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photo Thursday - Clouds

Although I'm working at improving my photography skills and I am learning and seeing improvement, I am finding myself having a lot of trouble when it comes to shooting landscapes. Maybe it's because I find it hard to focus on one particular focal point rather than trying to capture all the colors and textures that overwhelm my eye. Or maybe I'm having trouble because I don't have a camera that will focus as far in the distance as I want it to. Or maybe I just need to keep playing and figure out my camera a bit more. 

Anyway, I'm still shooting away. Last month when a bunch of pretty storm systems came through the area there were some beautiful cloud formations. I tried to shoot some and share them with you. I don't think any of these show the full effect of just how magnificent the sky looked on those days.

1 comment:

  1. Great shots! Keep it up, the best way to improve is to just keep shooting!

    I am amazed at how similar the land and scenery looks here where I live!


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