Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to Pirate Week!

AARRGGHH!! Welcome to our Pirate Party Matey!

Over the weekend, my sister hosted a pirate party at her house to celebrate the beginning of summer rather than separate birthday parties since all our boys have summer birthdays.

We had swords, pirate hats, a treasure hunt, pirate gold, a pinata and LOTS of swordfights. We had authentic pirate grub, slimy seaweed and cannonballs (recipes later this week!). The pirate ship (tree house) braved the stormy seas and held up well to our fighting pirates. Let me introduce our Pirate Crew!

Pirate Batman! This kid is a science nerd! (I can say so because his own mother calls him that.) He can tell you anything you want to know about BATS!

Pirate Monster Boy! NOTHING scares this kid! He actually pretends he has monsters under his bed.

And by far the Cutest Pirate at the party, my 7 month old nephew!

(Sidenote: I've taken hundreds of pics of Yahoo and NEVER gotten this kind of reaction. This was the ONLY pic I took of this baby that day. He could be a baby model!)

Yip and Yap thought they needed pirate clothes for the party so a pair of scissors and some clothes that were too small and VOILA!!...PIRATE COSTUMES! They've been wearing these for a week!

Yahoo came along too but she's not much of a pirate...yet. She spent her day on the slide!

Stay tuned, I'll post more pirate stuff later this week.

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  1. Pirate Week- what a great idea! I might have to copy your darling idea!!!


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