Friday, June 11, 2010

Slimy Seaweed! AARRRGG

Ahoy thar Landlubber! Welcome to me Galley!
We's fixin' Slimy Seaweed for grub...aaarrrggghh!!

This here recipe kep' me alive while I was marooned on a desert island it did!

Start off by bilin' a big kettle a' water. Get that thar water a good an' bubblin'. Throw in yar seaweed. Keep it hot fur a bit. Throw in a big handful of Gold Dubloons! Keep a' stirrin' thar Matey. Shiver me Timbers! Don't ye be forgettin' them fish eyes. Stir it well fer a few more minutes. Aye!! That be the way. If'n it ain't green enough fer ya toss in some extre slime. Serve it up quick to the Cap'n and the res' a them sea dogs with a bottle of rum r' you'll be feedin' the fishes you will!!

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Boil a large pot of water. Add a box of dried pasta and cook for about 5 minutes. Add some sliced carrots and cook for about 2 more minutes. Add a bag of frozen peas and finish cooking until pasta and peas are done. Be careful not to overcook the vegetables. Add some green food coloring and stir until the proper color of seaweed. Serve hot!

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