Saturday, June 5, 2010

Breaking out the bikes with help from brother.

Last fall Yip and Yap were able to take the training wheels off their bikes shortly before it became too cold to ride outside. This spring when we got the bikes back out again Yap took off as though a day hadn't gone by when he wasn't on a bike. Yip though has been kind of hesitant and needs to relearn. He's been nervous and I haven't been able to help him as much as I'd like.

(Because every time I do Yahoo screams her bloody little head off!! Can you say, "just a little jealous"??)
Cooking dinner yesterday, I peeked out and caught them doing this.

Yap was holding the bike seat for Yip and keeping it steady until he could get the bike going on his own.

Everytime Yip was able to make it a few yards without help Yap would yell and cheer and tell his brother what a great job he had done!

I love twins! Every once in a while they even like each other and don't mind showing it.


  1. thanks for sharing. . .gotta love it when your kids actually like each other :)

  2. What a sweet moment to have caught with your boys!


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