Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thank God for Lost Luggage!

Last week DR and I flew to Kansas for a job interview within his company. (Interview is a multi-step process and I'll fill you in on the outcome.) His corporate office made all the travel arrangements and, on paper, it was wonderful. We were to leave Champaign, IL at 8am on Tuesday, land in Chicago with a short layover and arrive in Wichita around 1:30. After picking up the rental car we were to drive to Montezuma, Kansas which was about a three hour drive and begin the first interview around 4 or 5 pm.  Wednesday morning we would leave Dodge City by plane around 11 am and land in Kansas City for a second interview, fly to Chicago then on to Champaign and be home late Wednesday night. Overall a quick and easy trip. 

We make Plans...and God laughs!

HA! Here's what really happened. We arrived in Champaign, board the plane but are taken off after ten minutes. A severe storm went through Chicago and delayed everything by 2 hours. Back at the gate we expected a long wait but twenty minutes later were back on and landed in Chicago at 9:30 am. Our connecting flight to Wichita was scheduled to leave at 11:00, was delayed then cancelled. But DR rushed and was able to get us another flight to Wichita on a different airline that left at noon. But it was delayed till 1:20 and we finally arrived in Wichita at 3:30. Only to find out....we had no luggage. However there was the possibility, we were told, our luggage might arrive in an hour on the next flight. We took our chances and stuck around because I was in sweats and DR needed clothes for his interview. Anxiously we waited and an hour later.....no luggage. We rushed out to the first store we found and bought some suitable clothes. Finally, at 5:30 we drove out of Wichita for a 3 hour drive to Montezuma and met Chet, the wonderful gentleman DR interviewed with, after dark. Because of the nature of the job position, my husband really needed to drive the countryside, talk to people and spend time contemplating the position which wasn't something he could do at night or in the few short hours Wednesday morning before we were to fly to Kansas City. Gratefully, DR's company extended our stay by an extra day and were now scheduled to get the hell out  leave Dodge City Thursday morning. We had no clothes or toiletries (or makeup!!!!) and had to hit Wal-Mart. This was turning out to be one of the worst trips ever.....but....

(Here's the part where I am truly thankful for the terrible trip.) 

After spending most of Wednesday checking out the people and places we needed to see around 5 p.m. we were looking for a place to eat.....so I called my brothers. My "little" brothers, 13 and 14 years younger than me, are working and going to school in Colby, Kansas which is in the northwest part of the state; we were in the southwest part about 3 1/2 hours away. Originally we weren't going to have time to see them but with the extended stay we had some extra hours. I called my brother and asked if he was free to meet us for dinner. He told me to start driving north; he was on his way. He skipped class that night, picked up my other brother and hit the road and drove for over an hour. My husband didn't ask any questions...he just drove. After driving north, through some beautiful country, for an hour and forty five minutes DR and I met them in the little town of Wakeeny, Kansas. I was afraid the only place to eat would be the McDonald's off the interstate but we found a quiet little steak restaurant in town. It was great!

During two of the fastest hours of my life we ate and laughed, hugged and cried....well I cried anyway! I hadn't seen my brothers since Christmas and probably won't see them till next Christmas. I can't even begin to explain how happy I was to see those two and their scruffy hair. (Scruffy hair must be a Kansas thing!) I didn't want the night to end. I got to see my brothers!!

So, thank you God for lost luggage, cancelled and delayed flights and extended stays. Thank you God for reminding me to take the bitter with the sweet and to be open and flexible in all situations. The storm produced a beautiful rainbow....I got to spend time with my brothers!

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