Monday, May 31, 2010

Garden Confessions and Radishes

I have a confession to make.

I grow radishes every year....but I don't like them. I eat a few sliced on a salad every year and then that's it. Usually they'll just sit in my fridge till they shrivel up...then I throw em' out.

I grow them because they are the first thing I can harvest from the garden. They make me feel like a good gardener because I can't mess em' up. They grow too fast to mess up!

Besides, they are so pretty! It's exciting to see this bright red caps pushing up through the soil. When the radishes come up it's a signal of a busy gardening summer to come! So radishes are kind of symbolic.

There you go. I grow radishes, lots of em'. But I don't like to eat em'!


  1. I am the same way! I don't mind eating radishes but they are not a necessity of life but I always plant them because they make me happy when I see them growing in the garden. It makes me feel hopeful that the rest of the garden will grow just as well!

  2. That's funny because I don't really care for radishes either. I grow them though, because my DH really likes them. I eat them because they're good for me.

  3. They're ok. I keep meaning to get some veggie plants. I am a terrible gardener! What kinds of vegetables are easy to grow and don't take a ton of space?


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