Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo Thursday - Editing with Picnik

When I began to edit some of my photos I stuck with Splashup.
Quick, easy and I liked using the layers.

But tonight I got to playing on Picnik. Picnik offers some neat effects that you can't do with Splashup. I spent WAY to much time playing by the way and could have spent HOURS doing more! There is so much more Picnick offers besides this. Check it out if you have an hour (or 12) to kill.

Thought I'd share some fun things I found.

1. No edits, straight from camera.

2. Brighter, more contrast, hue saturation and vignette

3. Here's where it gets fun. HDRish setting.

4. 60's style with rounded edges.
My early childhood is full of these kinds of photos!

5. Pencil Sketch. Very cool!

6. Circle Splash and I put a halo around the little angel.
(Don't let Grandpa see this one. He already thinks she's perfect!)
7. Beyond a regular black and white.
Adjustable Threshold allows you to set the range of black and white separately.

8.Tinted pink!


  1. I'm glad you mentioned Splashup because I have been wondering what editing site you've been using, I knew you had posted about it once but couldn't remember. I'm going to have to play around with picnik tonight (if not sometime this weekend!)

  2. I use photoshop and have a blast tweaking my photos.


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