Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is this ART??

The other day I was kidless for a couple hours. I KNOW!!! Can you believe it?? Being kidless never happens. Anyway, I decided to do something I would NEVER do with my kids. Go to an antique store.

I love antique stores! I love how crowded things are. I love the dusty smell. I love the piles that you have to search through.  I love how paintings are leaned against the wall four or five deep. Going 'antiquing' is like a pirate's treasure may never know what you may find.

As I was flipping through some paintings, this one caught my eye.
An old west sheriff complete with his badge and gun. Neat! But...wait...

Something's not quite right....can you see it??

His mustache was fake hair glued onto the painting! Really?? Who thought that was a good idea?? Overall, it wasn't a bad painting but that ruined it for me!

So what do YOU think? Is it art? Or am I just an art snob?

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  1. Ha ha ha! Your commentary was hilarious! I think I could see that from a mile away. First, I could never paint people like and it is a little disarming to see talent covered up by a fake mustache. I don't think you are an art snob. This is obviously a piece that has gone awry. In my opinion, it WAS art, and either the artist, or someone else, decided to try to be funny and ruined it! Ugh!


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