Monday, July 6, 2015

Little Red Library

Across the street from our house there is a beautiful little lake 
with a walking path all the way around it. About a mile and a quarter. 
There are always people walking the path or fishing or biking.

But one of our favorite feature of the lake is the little red library. 
It is sponsored by our local library.

The books are all free inside for anyone to take.  
The only guideline is if you take a book then please leave a book. 
The kids and I are always digging through our bookshelves for books
to leave In hopes of finding a treasure to bring home with us.  

Jackpot! We can't resist a good Eric Carle. 

I love this concept of a free little library and feel so lucky 
that we have one within walking distance of our house. 
It was put in shortly after we moved here. 
And we noticed that it took a little bit of time for people 
to understand the concept. We use the walking path around 
the lake all the time so we had plenty of opportunity to pass by. 
At the beginning it would start  off full of books one day 
and be completely empty the next.  But as time has gone by 
people are starting to understand it. It's constantly full of books now.
 Some books stay in the little red library longer than others while 
other books are snatched up fairly quickly.

Does anyone else live net one of these? 

How does it work in your neighborhood? 
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