Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Car Seat Head Snuggler??? hhmmm...

If you are anything like I am, cruising the Internet can bring some unexpected finds. I happen to cruise parenting sites and I found one highlighting this product; The Head Snuggler. This is the photo from their website.

Hhhmmm...interesting. A problem all parents have, children falling asleep in their carseats with heads bent at an unnatural angle...problem solved! The website says this product could be used with any child in a carseat except very young infants because they are too low in the carseat for it to work. How much I wondered? $25....Sorry, I couldn't justify spending $25 on a knit fabric bag, cuz really, that's all it is.

So off to "the WalMart" I went and bought $5 worth of knit fabric and sewed up this for Yahoo. Essentially it's just a double layered knit bag about 18" wide and 14" deep that was slipped over the top of the carseat. It seemed to work fairly well. The website suggests to place the child's head under it after they've fallen asleep which was kind of tricky with Yahoo because she tends to be a light sleeper in the car. I think I might make another one that is longer that can be folded up like the photo above.

I tried to make two for Yip and Yap also but since their booster seats don't have backs I slipped them around the headrest on the seat of the car. I don't think they'll work but on our last day long road trip Yap slipped it over his eyes a few times when he was tired. He never fell asleep but I think it helped him to rest and relax.

What do you think? Would you use a Head Snuggler? Is it something you would spend $25 on?

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  1. Oh heck no! But the second last picture is too stinkin' cute!


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