Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July is Crazy!

The month of July is going to be a crazy one for our family! Looking ahead, I'm not sure how we are going to survive. For the next couple weeks I'll be, hopefully, getting the house and appliances cleaned and organized. I also have to pack for our drive to Kansas. DR is taking a train back here to Illinois on the 10th and we'll pick him up. (Woo Hoo!) The movers will be here on the 12th and 13th to pack up the house. I'm getting the same guy that packed our house last time and boy was he fast so those should be two really good days. When the movers leave DR, the kids and I will be heading west. (God Help Us!!) Even though it only takes two days to drive out to our place in Kansas, the movers won't be arriving at our new house until sometime between the 17th and 20th. So...we have some time to kill.

What to do? Take a family vacation. Now, we've NEVER taken a long family vacation. The most we've ever done is camped three days over Labor Day weekend with my parents and siblings or a weekend road trip somewhere. Needless to say five or more days spent driving in a car and staying in hotels with DR and the kids will be.....interesting.......and most definitely a learning experience. We're planning on hanging around St. Louis for awhile and maybe trying to find a good family spot somewhere else in Missouri or Kansas to stop and check out.

I doubt I'll be around a computer, or even in the mood to post this upcoming month. I didn't want to leave you all with nothing to look forward to! Because, I know, my posts are the highlight of your day. (just kidding!) Anyway, I've got a Photo of the Day coming to you every day in July. Some are kid photos for the grandparents! My kids are the only reason my parents read my blog. I think. Some photos will be more "artsy" shots that I've taken in the last few months. Flowers, bubbles, windmills...stuff like that.

If you don't mind, please keep me and my family in your prayers this month. I'm already anticipating a lot of stress and hope it isn't going to be as bad as I think it is. When we finally settle down and get everything unpacked I promise I'll be back with posts on the move, Kansas, the new house, and the new town and hopefully lots of neat pictures too.

Have a Great July!

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  1. LOVE the road sign!! What a fantastic way to describe my month also - I may need to "borrow" and link the image ;) Have an amazing day!


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