Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking Forward to Dog Days

As of today Yip and Yap have only 10 days of school left. In 10 days they will officially be 2nd graders!  I think the state of Kansas has a much shorter school year than most states. I know teachers in Indiana that still have 2-3 more weeks left.

Wow, this school year went by fast. Only 10 more days until the dog days of summer begin. Where did the phrase "dog days of summer" come from anyway? I think it's awfully misleading especially to mothers! I remember last May, after the boys finished kindergarten, I was looking forward to a slow paced relaxing summer. Ha!! Last summer was full of swim lessons, baseball games, summer basketball, 4H fair, Vacation Bible School, summer library and squeeze in a short family vacation and I felt busier than when the boys were in school! Where were my relaxing days? 

As I look at my friends with older kids I often wonder if raising kids ever gets less hectic, before they move off to college of course. A friend of mine who has teenagers was super busy with golf matches, prom and graduation preparations...and that was just one of her kids! I suppose though that raising children has advantages and disadvantages at every age. At the age of 3 Yahoo can dress herself, often with interesting combinations, whereas she couldn't six months ago. 

Despite knowing that we'll be busy this summer I'm still looking forward to school being out. Yeah, my boys drive me crazy when they are home all day but I still really enjoy them and all the things we get to do together. I've learned that having school age kids keeps me busier than I ever imagined and we'll be busy this summer too just like summer last. Swim lessons, VBS, 4H archery and projects to finish, 4H camp (a first time spending a night away from family) and a family vacation back home to Indiana. NO BASEBALL this summer!!! I was ecstatic when my boys vetoed baseball for the summer! I've never been a baseball fan but going to games last summer when it was over 100 degrees out sure didn't endear me to the sport either! 

Yeah, we'll be busy. 

But I am looking forward to wringing out as many good times with my family as I can this

What is your summer shaping up to look like?

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