Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Week of Pinterest

A while ago I was giving a lesson on social media to my home ec club. Essentially I was trying to convince a bunch of women, the ages of my mother and grandmother, the positive aspects of sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. 

One of the ladies piped up and asked, "Yeah but aren't a lot of these sites nothing but big time wasters?" 

I kinda felt like I was kicked in the stomach because, you know it's true, Pinterest and Facebook can suck huge spans of time out of my day. But last week I decided that I was going to spend this week applying some of my Pinterest I can make myself feel better about my growing number of boards..HA! 

1. Easter we decorated eggs like Angry Birds. My boys thought this was awesome! 

Yip even made a Wolverine egg. I was rooting for a Hugh Jackman egg but I'll take what I can get. 

2. Melted Crayon Art 

If you've been anywhere on Pinterest you've seen the melted crayon art. Yap saw it and immediately decided to try it. 

We had to start with the blow dryer really close. I think a diffuser would have helped because after a while the wax started splattering off. 

So then Yap moved the heat to the top and that helped a lot. 

Look at that concentration! 

3. Baking soda and colored vinegar

 Granted, I did go through an entire box of baking soda but Yahoo enjoyed it. I just added some food coloring to vinegar and gave her a pan of baking soda and the fizzies kept her busy for 45 minutes! 

oh, yum! so much better than store bought. 

5. T-shirt to Tank

This will be sooo nice to wear when the temps soar above the 100's this summer. 

Really cool DIY tank top

6. Pallet furniture

Okay, I admit this project I started over a month or so ago when I found a pallet, chopped it to the size I wanted and then it's been sitting in the garage ever since waiting for legs. I didn't have a clue what to do about legs. 

I have wanted a coffee table for our living room but needed one that seriously would be able to stand up to my kids. See, my hobbits don't view it as a coffee table or magazine table but rather a launch pad for their Evil Knievel exploits. 

Thanks for the legs DR! 

Now I have visual proof that Pinterest is NOT a waste of time but a useful resource for all aspects of my life! 

(Man that sounds so much better than; Pinterest - a great place to look at people's fingernails!) 


  1. The last time I tried to get on, I couldn't get there. I think my connection is way slow and I get impatient. I love the craron melting. When I was little, in bible school, we melted slivers of crayons between wax paper and made sun catchers, is there anything like that on pinterest? Love Ya!

  2. Very Impressive - love the coffee table and the t-shirt tank top (I have that pinned as well) and also the crayon art - I figured it wasn't as easy as they make it look but you are def. a good Mom for letting them try! I have done several projects and recipes from Pinterest - I put them on my Pinccomplished Board!

  3. Oh Jent, I love the Pinccomplished board idea..that would make me feel better about myself :)

    Mom, they have EVERYTHING on Pinterest! You can find practically anything on there. Be happy you couldn't get on, you'd be sucked in forever!!

  4. My pinterest update --

    Made homemade play-do for the first time. With a recipe from pinterest. Was very quick, easy and the kids loved it.

    Did the baking soda & vinegar and the kids loved it!

    Also tried a "paint bag". You take a zip-lock bag, put some paint in it, and zip it shut. (I added some packing tape across the top as a precaution) Then the kids can use their finger tips or q-tips to "write" on the bags. Very easy to "erase" when they wanted to start over. Couple things I learned. . .not all colors are created equal. It seemed like some of the colors were easier to see the writing. Second thing I learned. . .less is more!! I think I put too much paint in the bags and it was hard to write on them. The bags with less paint were actually very easy to use.

    Thanks for this blog post. It inspired me to DO more of what I'm pinning. :)

  5. I've never tried the paint in the bag thing but I think I will today; good tips about it..thanks!

    Isn't the baking soda and vinegar thing awesome!!!??


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