Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mad Little Sister

I took my kids out early Saturday morning to the park with the only goal of taking pictures and HOPING to get ONE where all three of them are smiling and happy and a good individual shot of each of my kids. I know, I know...a huge expectation on my part wasn't it? But really, 4 great pictures was all I was asking for! 

I have to hand it to my boys, they were great and happy and getting photos of them was quick, easy and painless! 

Yahoo on the other hand.....

....well, I'll just let a couple of photos speak for themselves. 

Hee, hee!! Yip and Yap were trying sooo hard to get her to smile and help me out but all Yahoo wanted to do was leave to play on the swings. 

Finally, we agreed to take a photo on the swings but I had to do it quick. It's not the greatest photo and I'll have to do some editing but at least they are all smiling, toothless and all! Thank goodness!

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  1. So sweet!Picture taking with kids is always a gamble. But, the one or two in a dozen makes it all worth it. :)


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