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Birthday Parties for Twins; A Guest Blog from Lisa Moore

I recently received an email from a woman named Lisa Moore asking if I would be interested in a guest post. She is part of The Party Works, a party supply company, and has written other guest posts about children's birthday parties; Five Way to Encourage Good Manners at Birthday Parties and Tips for Children’s Birthday Parties That Encourage Proper Development.

My twins' birthday isn't until the end of August but we have already been talking about having their first party with friends and not just family. I have been putting off a friend birthday party for the last couple of years because there were a lot of issues, like gifts and themes, that we haven't been able to hammer out until recently. I was curious to get any suggestions I could so I asked Lisa if she could write a post focusing on birthday parties for twins, which of course could apply to triplets or other multiple siblings as well. 

Birthday Party Planning Tips for Twins by Lisa Moore 

Planning birthday parties for kids can be a headache, and planning birthday parties for twins can be even more stressful. You have to make sure each of your twins is happy and feels special at the party, and you have to make sure all the party guests are safe and happy too. Plus, you have to get the right party supplies, cake, and snacks. And you have to plan the activities for the party or reserve a spot at a kids’ party venue. Preparing for a birthday party for twins is definitely not a walk in the park. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make the overall party planning and party throwing easier. Here are some of them:

1. Go with a theme the twins can agree on. 

Get together and discuss possible party themes as a family. Chances are, the twins will want different party themes, especially if you have boy and girl twins. You can either spend time discussing possible themes until the twins can agree on one, or you can do something like allow one child to pick the theme this year with the promise that the other child will be able to pick the theme next year. If you’re going to throw the party away from your home at a party venue, you’ll have to go through a similar process. Let the twins discuss which party venues they like until they agree on one, or go with one child’s preference for a party venue this year and the other child’s preference next year. 

2.  Buy some extra gifts. 

Most of the party guests will know to bring two gifts, but some of them won’t. You could explicitly state that you’d like them to bring two gifts on the party invitations, but doing so might make you feel uncomfortable. Inevitably, some of the guests will only bring one gift. So, you should buy a few extra presents to have ready at the party in case this happens. That way your twins will get the same amount of gifts, and there won’t be any tears or fighting about which child got more or having to share. 

3. Do everything you can to make sure both children feel special. 

Plan out activities based on both of your children’s interests, and make sure to pay attention to both of them equally at the party. Sharing your birthday with your twin usually means you have to share the spotlight. So, make sure neither child feels any less loved than the other. Make them breakfast to eat in bed on the day of their birthday, and cook each of their favorite foods. For instance, you might serve one child pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon and serve the other waffles, sausage, and fruit. Spend some extra time shopping for their presents and get them things you’ll know they’ll love. There’s no better time to let your twins know how much you love them than on their birthday!

Author’s Bio: Lisa is a mom and guest post writer on the topics of motherhood, toddler care, and how to plan kids’ parties like a Mario birthday party or a party for multiples. 

Don't forget to ask about the cake!
Are you twins/triplets willing to share a cake or do they really want to have their own?

I love the idea of rotating choices of themes from one year to the next which is what my boys have agreed to do; this year pirates and next year soldiers. I don't think that would have been an option in years past but with my boys maturing they are learning to compromise. 

I don't necessarily agree with Lisa on her second point of buying extra gifts. Any mother of multiples knows that raising twins isn't cheap because there are no hand me downs and considering these economic times buying extra gifts just may not be possible. Also what if those extra gifts I buy aren't even close in value/coolness/wow factor of guests gifts? Not cool Mom! I would suggest being very specific on invitations and either 1) ask that no gifts be brought (have mom/dad/grandparents take care of that) or 2) request half the guests to bring a gift for Twin A and the other half of the guests to bring gifts for Twin B. Although twins have lived their lives sharing, sometimes it's best to avoid throwing them in an unequal situation. 

Lisa's last point is right on!! Especially as twins grow older their personalities and interests can be as different as night and day despite their living side by side. My boys don't like the same foods and though most days I tell them, "I am not a restaurant and you will eat what I put in front of you!" But birthdays are different and even if it takes a bit longer, I'm willing to show them they're special with separate meals.

Also as twins get older it is VERY important to put extra thought into their birthday/Christmas gifts. My boys could really care less what their little sister receives for gifts but they are very aware what their twin gets and how it rates compared to their own gift. I admit I have failed in gift giving in the past for my twins and there have been birthdays where one gift was obviously not as cool as the other (in my boys eyes at least.) But I'm getting better. 

The best advice I can give on birthday's for twins is sit down and talk to them and really listen to what they both want and what they feel is important. Don't overload, keep it simple and have fun! 

Thanks Lisa for some great tips. Any twin/triplet moms or dads out there with other birthday tips? I'd love to hear from you! 

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