Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Airport and the African Missionary

I am heading to the airport right now and I am soooo excited!! 

Nope, I'm not going anywhere and no one is flying to see me. 

I'm going to pick Amy Morrow from the airport. 

Amy Morrow is a missionary in Zambia, Africa where she and her family have started the Kazembe Orphanage

Look at all those gorgeous kids! 

I first learned about Amy a couple years ago when I stumbled on her blog; Amy's Assorted Adventures. On her blog she shares stories about all these wonderful kids, the adventures of living in rural Africa which includes a 3 hour one way drive once a week to the grocery store! 

Amy is currently in the United States on her annual fundraising trip for the orphanage and she has agree to come to our little corner of Kansas to share her story with us. I'm excited to finally meet her and helping her spread her message. She'll be in my little town speaking most of the day tomorrow at the school and the Methodist church. 

I know that most of you reading this won't be able to come hear her speak but would you mind saying a little prayer for her right now? I ask that you pray for Amy's safe travels and that her trip to SW Kansas is blessed. Thanks!! 

Hopefully I'll have more of Amy's story to share with you next week! 

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  1. How cool is that? I will go check out her blog as soon as I have a break in the action around here. Just learned I'm head buddy in the calf-working rotation tomorrow morning. Grandpa bought 55 while we were in Florida, so it's time to take their temps and see how they are doing? Woo! Hopefully I just get to be bar wench and lift the 45-50 lb. bar to put behind their legs while Hubby takes their temp! Stay tuned! Saying a prayer!


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