Monday, April 23, 2012

Marker Monday - Knockoff Paintsicles

I was thumbing through a Discount School Supply catalog the other day and came across a Paintsicle maker.
Biocolor® Paintsicle Maker- Set of 3

 Interesting idea. Supposedly this particular kind of paint, BioColor, is a better quality of paint than your average run of the mill craft paint. I've used it and it IS very good but I was wondering if how the craft paint I had would work as a Paintsicle.

I had some tempera paint and some acrylic paint that I swirled around in two separate cups and popped in some craft sticks. Who needs some fancy shmancy paintsicle maker? 

Tempera is a water based paint while Acrylic is a latex based paint so I anticipated that Acrylic would work better when frozen. 

The tempera worked but I did have to press harder and the formation of ice crystals interfered with a nice smooth painted line. 

The Acrylic was much nicer! 

Yahoo tested it out for me but, really, she didn't seem too interested in playing with it. She scribbled on one piece of paper because I asked and then just walked away. I'm glad I didn't buy anything special if that was going to be her response! But who knows, maybe she'll be more interested in it later so I popped the paintsicles back in the freezer. 

Paintsicles; fun to experiment with, use acrylic if you have it but ya don't need to put a bunch of money into a "Paintsicle" maker! 

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