Monday, April 2, 2012

Marker Monday - Hammocks!!


Late last summer I made hammocks for the kids to hang on a big pine tree in our front yard. They were such a hit! Last year I just used old bed sheets to make the hammocks, which was fine until a strong wind came blowing in the fall and ripped the sheets to shreds! 

This year I was much smarter! 
First, I bought about 7 1/2 yds of burlap from WalMart, altogether about $26. The burlap measured about 48" wide with selvage edges so no sewing there! I cut them each 88 inches long before I put in a 2" casing at each end which means all the hammocks are big enough for me to chill out in; last year I was a bit cramped. I'm typing this up swinging lazily bag and forth in a hammock right now as a matter of fact! 

Even if these burlap hammocks don't survive until next year I consider $26 and a couple hours of sewing a pretty good investment. 

Here are the instructions I've used to make up these hammocks. 
I especially like the Josephine knot diagram included with the directions. It's a simple and durable knot that is easy to untie when you need to take the hammocks down. 

I'm STILL trying to figure out a way to install hammocks permanently in the house and get rid of all the beds. LOL...hammocks are sooooo comfortable!! 

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