Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What a difference a year (or 11 months) can make!

What a difference a year can make, well 11 months anyway. Last summer Kansas experienced the worst drought ever but I didn't know any better considering it was my first full summer in Kansas. 

These photos were taken the first week of June last summer and I thought all that brown on the hillside was normal! 
(I posted about the drought last summer here, one of many places.) 

I took a photo of the same hill, different viewpoint of course, just yesterday. 
Look how green it is! I can't believe how different the two views are. 

We've had a beautiful wet spring and it's so welcome to see so much green...

....and puddles too! 

Although the rain clouds can look kind of menacing coming in across the prairie...I'm not going to complain if it brings rain! 

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