Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yip's Zombie Pirate Skeleton Guy

Man, there are days when Facebook really burns me up! I tried most of the weekend to load pictures on my FB page for family to see and I couldn't get anything to happen. This is one of the reasons I started a blog in the first place, to make sure I could actually share photos!!! 

Facebook's crappy photo loading really bugged me this weekend because Yip had a great drawing that he really wanted to show our far away family, especially his Uncle Marvel Man. So, sorry I couldn't get this on FB family but here's a way to check out Yip's latest creation! 

Yip says, "The ghost pirate is rising out of the water. The one pirate has a broken vest on. He has a squid in his right eye. They shipwrecked in a jungle and the boat sunk. There's lots of trees and bushes and there is a vine hanging from a tree." 

Nicely done bud! 

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  1. Tell Yip that is a fantastic drawing but an even better story. I want to see more pictures and more stories. Love Ya All.


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