Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teenage Boys; do I have ANYTHING to look forward to?

For the last few months I have been struggling with my boys, well struggling with keeping them dressed anyway. Every couple of weeks they are growing out of their jeans, needing a new pair of shoes or all their socks decided to develop holes at the same time. I wish boys were like girls. I have lots of people giving me clothes for Yahoo and if they weren't all I'd have to do is hit up one good garage sale over the summer and she could be set on clothes for a year or more. 

I'm beginning to realize that boys are an entire different animal than girls. I thought I understand them when they were 2, 3, 4 years old. It was cars, jumping, playing guns but now that my boys are 7 I'm beginning to realize I don't know anything about boys. (My boys will be happy to fill you in on my lack of superhero knowledge.) 

On Monday I was subbing for a gym teacher and in the morning I was covering two high school weightlifting classes of about 12 kids a piece with only 1 girl per class. Man, did I feel sorry for those girls. Really my job was extremely boring; give the kids their workout, sit back and make sure no one is goofing around or getting hurt. Basically I sat on my butt for 3 hours with nothing else to do but watching boys lift weights. What an experience; it was like the boys were in their natural habitat in the weight room. 

I don't think I've ever really watched a group of teenage boys before to see them interact and communicate and relate to one another. It was bizarre. I kind of felt like Jane Goodall hiding in the jungle. Boys are so physical; it was like they communicated more by hitting one another than talking to one another. And I noticed that boys do physical acts, like jumping to touch the ceiling or lifting a huge amount of weight, not so much as an act of showing off but because they just have the need to move and to push themselves. Not the girls; the girls got their workout, did it quietly because they needed to get it done but they didn't look too excited about it. I'm sure if the girls had the choice they'd rather sit and talk. 

The more I watched these teenage boys the more they reminded me of really tall 2 and 3 year old boys. Both ages are so very physical with the need to move and do rather than sit and think like the way I notice girls playing and interacting. My experience subbing in the weight room really makes me wonder what exactly I have to look forward to in about 8 years when Yip and Yap are teenagers. Will they have matured at all? (Please someone tell me the answer is yes!!) I felt like I couldn't have related to those teenage boys at all, despite my years of athletic experience. Will I have anything in common with my own teenage sons? 

I'm not the only one worried in my house. DR told me last night he had a nightmare; Yahoo was a teenager and going to prom. I just rolled my eyes at him. At least I have DR because one of these days when I know absolutely nothing about boys he'll be there to fill me in (I hope!) or just take over. Because if I have to raise Yip and Yap through the teen years by myself I doubt I'll make it! 


  1. I feel compelled to respond: I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, and am equally worried.

  2. You worry too much, just go with the flow and everything works out better than if you would have worried or planed.

  3. FYI Readers, I do not worry too's just that my mother (above) NEVER worries about that makes me a normal worrier :) She has a point though,I shouldn't worry; she raised three boys who love her dearly to this day!


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