Saturday, April 7, 2012


I am still such a Kansas newbie as anyone would have been able to see on Monday night during the hailstorm. Why? All of us, DR, the kids and I were all standing on the front porch watching the hail come down. When it started I was putting Leola to bed and I stopped just to bring her and the boys outside to watch because they'd never seen it before. In the past it hail has always come after their bedtime. 

Hail, for me, is still a curiosity. In the two years we've been here I've seen hail 3 times which is just about the same number of times I saw hail in Indiana/Illinois in my 30+ years in that area. Hail is so common here that hardly anyone pays it any mind...unless you are a farmer worrying about what damage it's done to your wheat. 

The hail was falling for quite a while, probably a good five minutes. No one else was standing on their porches mesmerized by it I noticed. I was starting to get a bit worried though when the hail hitting my car sounded like a snare drum in a parade. No damage though (phew!) 

The boys were enjoying trying to catch the hail as it fell without getting hit by it, I wish I'd had video of that :) I was impressed with the size of the hail, marble size, until I started talking to my pastor about it. 

"Shoot!" he says, "I've seen hail as big as tennis balls that shattered car windshields!"

*Gulp* Really? (He's a pastor; he wouldn't lie!)

I can barely imagine golf ball size hail but tennis ball hail? I just hope I never have a picture of THAT to show you because I'm pretty sure I'd have to share some terrible car pictures as well! 


  1. Aunt Mable was telling me that where Angie lives, somewhere south of here, early in March they had so much hail that the fire cheif call the county so send snow trucks to remove the hail in front of the fire staation. The county guy thought it was a joke and said not until he had pictures. The fire cheif sent pictures on his phone. The county guy said the snow trucks are on the way. The fire cheif said there was so much hail he didn't think he could get the fire trucks out of the station!

  2. Oh my gosh! I would love to see photos of that. Is she in southern Indiana?


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