Monday, October 31, 2011

Marker Monday - The Giant UpCycling Crafting FAIL!

I recently completed a big giant crafting FAIL! 
And it all started with this shirt. 

I found this shirt listed on Ebay and thought it was really cute but I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy a shirt I thought I could make. 
Heck, DR had just finished cleaning out some button up dress shirts from his closet that would be perfect for this project. 

THIS... what I recently finished. 
An upcycled shirt from 3 of DR's old ones. 

(insert tangent thought here)

Where did the snooty phrase "upcycle" come from? What's wrong with the word "recycle"? Does recycling make people think of Dirty Dumpster Divers and therefore the word "upcycle" is used to imply a more high class and socially acceptable way of retrieving craft materials? Help me out here...the term confuses me. 

I thought I could just make it up as I went. Big mistake. I should have had a picture of that Ebay shirt in front of me at all times. But I didn't and half way through this project i realized I had a problem. 

It looks like a maternity shirt! 

And I don't know WHAT I was thinking when it came to those sleeves? Do I have a secret wish to be Lady Arwen? 

Now THOSE are some sleeves! 

I even tried putting a tie on the back thinking it might help. 
Nope, still stupid looking. There's no hope for this shirt. I threw it away right after I took these pictures. I just have to admit to myself, I may be able to create a lot of things from scratch, but with clothes I had better start out with a pattern. 

Or else I just turn out looking like a pregnant elf. 


  1. That is absolutely hilarious. I am so thankful that I am not the only one who fails at such projects. But, I wouldn't have thrown it away. I probably would have kept at it until I made it useful in someway.? But, how? Really those sleeves are what makes it. I probably would have put it on my scarecrow. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  2. Glad I could make you smile Christy!

  3. "Or else I just turn out looking like a pregnant elf. "

    Haha! You've got more guts and creativity than I do to even THINK about trying to make that without so much as a picture in front of you!

    On the plus side... you can now go as a pregnant elf for Halloween!


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