Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life just got away..

It's been four days since I posted. Usually I pride myself on planning ahead and never going that long without blogging but this week, well, life just got away from me. For the past few days life, and my brain, seemed to be wandering all over and getting myself focused on blogging anything wasn't going to happen. 

Ah...such is life right? Even now my brain is racing with a thousand different thoughts.

Tomorrow is parent teacher conferences. I'm not worried about Yip and Yap's academic performance. They do very well. But last year their kindergarten teacher reported that both of them talked more than the girls in the class. Geez, I know some of those girls are darn yacky. That news made me sink in my chair. I'm hoping not to hear a repeat tomorrow. 

I miss the fall leaves and colors of Indiana. Kansas barely has any trees anyway  but the ones they do have are either turning from green (the ones that were green during the drought) to brown or they are ugly cedar trees that look as comforting as a rampaging porcupine. (Do porcupines rampage?) Thanks to my sister who drove around Lafayette and sent me half a dozen gorgeous photos of the river road. It sure helped. 

Speaking of Kansas. Temperature patterns are nonexistent out here. Today is going to be close to 90 degrees but by Wednesday the high is only going to be 50. How is that even possible? Despite what you Hoosiers say, Indiana weather is VERY predictable! 

A year ago my brother fell off the tailgate of a truck and fractured his skull. I was 900 miles away and could do nothing but pray. He's fine now. Still stubborn and sarcastic. During that time his wife kept a journal of what went on. She's been posting it on her blog this week and it still makes me cry to know they were in such pain and I couldn't be home to help them. 

Yip and Yap have one more football game. Over the weekend I think they were FINALLY getting the hang of what they were supposed to do. Granted, of the 11 on the time they are 2 of 3 first graders. The rest are 2nd graders and I imagine all the other boys watch a lot more football on TV then my boys do. Yip and Yap haven't quite learned aggressiveness yet but I'm guessing with former athletic parents like DR and I it will show up eventually. 

Have you heard of Rural Women Rock? It's a blog that was just recently started to socially connect rural women together. During the week rural women, and their blogs, from all over the country have been country have been featured. Check them out. You'll find someone that you have something in common with. 

So there is the contents of my brain today. All over the map. Hopefully I'll get some focus soon, and a plan, because the next few weeks on my calendar are packed to the gills with stuff to get done. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll find some time to keep blogging and not go crazy in the process. 

Prairie Mother, the distorted. 


  1. The fact that you skipped some blogging days makes me feel better. After the broken head saga--which I just typed and copy/pasted last weekend--I don't know what else to talk about or where to find the time. I might have to take a break until after Thanks/mas!

  2. Sometimes it's hard to think of things to write about. I think my life is boring but I know that so much of my family reads my blog and anything I write will be interesting to them.


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