Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4H Sewing Projects

A few weeks ago Yip, Yap and I were filling out 4H enrollment forms and they were choosing which projects they wanted to complete this year. As we went through the projects, I'm trying to keep the number low. The boys chose archery, electric, fine arts, Exploring 4H (not sure what it is but it was for 7-9 year olds and I signed them up anyway.), foods and sewing. Unfortunately, no livestock projects. There just isn't a place for animals right now. 

Foods and Sewing?? I admit, my first thoughts were, "Those projects are for girls!" But considering I hated when the gender card was pulled on me growing up (I'm still mad at Dad because he wouldn't let me take a steer when I was 9! I was too small??? Nuh Uh!!!), I wasn't about to tell the boys they couldn't do those projects. No Gender Bias HERE! 

Foods isn't that big of a deal because they boys have worked in the kitchen with me before. But sewing? I cringed. I cringed mostly because I remember my 4H years and the weeks before fair when mom, my sisters and I desperately raced to finish our outfits before Fashion Revue. Fashion Revue was my childhood hell but I always participated because 1. if you sewed it, you were expected to model it and 2. I never realized I didn't have to do it.

Anyway, back to sewing with Yip and Yap. We started working on learning to sew this week. I know it's early to start but I have two to teach and I didn't know how long this might take. After some practice sewing straight lines on paper I figured we would make a very small pillow out of scraps I had laying around. 

And it has gone MUCH better than I expected it to! Yip and Yap have really paid attention and have been very careful...much more careful than I probably was when I started sewing. Ha, I know they go slower that's for sure! Mom always said I had a lead foot....still do. 

So far so good. They still need to stuff their little pillow and sew up the hole. 
Now we just need to do decide on a project we can make to take to the fair. My first year in 4-H, when I was 9, I had to make a drawstring skirt. But my boys are boys and there are no requirements (and no books either!) so we are needing some ideas. 

We really don't need another drawstring bag (we have a million). I was thinking of a plush doll pillow or a pillowcase. We might try a pair of elastic shorts or pants. Any other project ideas for very new sewers? 

(Okay, what is the plural of a sewing person? Sewers? Tunnels under town?? Eeewww!) 


  1. What if they did some sort of soft toy? I never did 4-H, so I don't know what the rules are, but there are a lot of easy tutorials out there for them. I don't know if all boys like that kind of stuff, but I did some with my nephew and he thought it was pretty fun and he was really proud of his little projects!

  2. Hope they don't have to rip a dart out of a skirt 10 times to meet the perfection expected by their Granda D.
    LOL not, just screaming and tears!!!

  3. A pillow case is nice. So is an apron for outdoor grilling.


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