Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yahoo is my youngest daughter, sister to twin boys and our last child. Yes, last. Don't hold your breath. I'm done having kids. Yahoo helped make that choice. 

I always say how thankful I am she isn't a twin. I don't think I could handle two of her. It isn't because she's a girl either. Oh, she has her princess days where she stomps around the house wearing my heels and ravaging my makeup and being all girlie. But most days she's donning her brother's pirate costume and is dashing out of the house conquering dragons. And it isn't because she's high maintenance either because she is often content playing by herself without me around. 

No, the things that make Yahoo a handful is her independence, stubbornness and her energy level. Her latest response to anything I say that she doesn't want to do is a very loud, "NO THANK YOU!!!" 

Well, at least she's polite. 

I don't ever remember my boys being so independent at this age either. 
"I do it!!", I hear her say everyday. Just last week she donned her backpack, put on her shoes and announced she was going to school (which is right next door) and she walked out of the house. There was a bit of a screaming match on the front lawn when I caught up with her. 

When Yahoo wakes up in the morning she hits the floor running. There isn't any slow waking up morning routine. No, she hits the fridge, gets her milk and then hits the toys and books. No morning cuddles, kisses or hugs. She's too busy. 

And is she ever busy thinking. 
This week, as we drive in the car, she keeps telling me to make our car fly. "And just how am I supposed to do that?", I ask. 

"Push a' button." she answers wisely. 

Push a button. If that were the answer to everything I'd push a button and make Yahoo stay this age for a while longer. Because although she's a handful, and the reason I still take naps, she's already growing up way too fast  to suit me. 


  1. Yahoo would be fantastic friends with my youngest Miss A! I love her busy antics. :)

  2. HA! Hilarious! Sounds like my Isabel. :)

  3. I feel for you! The picture of her feet poking out of the bucket is cute!

  4. This little ANGEL reminds me SO much of my oldest daughter,always wanting to have the last say and Wise beyond her years. You are so right they do grow up way too fast,grab her and hug her when ever you can,soon she will be beyond your reach.Love Dad


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