Monday, October 17, 2011

Marker Monday - Lifesavers Crayon

Our playgroup will be having a mini Christmas party in November, because we don't meet in December, and our group leader Melissa and I have been brainstorming little gift ideas for the kids. I decided I'd make striped crayons for them. 

I placed the broken crayons, one color at a time, in a tin can that I placed in a pot of boiling water. After the wax melted I poured a little of each color into an old prescription bottle. After each color was cool I added another and so on until the bottle was full. Once the crayon wax was cool I rolled the bottle in my hands, adding a bit of pressure, and the crayons slid out surprisingly easily. 

They aren't perfectly layered but close. 

Then I wrapped each striped crayon in aluminum foil.

I found a Lifesavers logo online and with a little work on a Paint program I came up with this label. I found that if I printed it off as a wallet size photo, it's just about perfect to wrap around each crayon. 
Feel free to use the above image if you'd like. 

A little cutting, a little tape and voila!! A Lifesaver crayon! 
The perfect little stocking stuffer! 

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