Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shooting in the Dark in a Small Town.

Last weekend DR got home late from work, go figure...it's harvest. And he walked in and told me I should come take pictures of the moon. It was beautiful! Big and bright with lots of details! But try as I might I couldn't take a picture without it looking like a big white ball. 

(a car coming towards me)

As I was in the dark playing with my camera, I realized I could try making light trails!! Fun!! 
I set up my tripod and set the exposure to 4 seconds and waited...and waited....and waited...for a car to drive by. We live on the main street of town and it was Saturday night at 9 pm and I could have pitched a tent in the street and slept soundly. Small towns.

DR even offered to get in the truck and drive back and forth on the street for me...sweet guy! 
But I was lucky enough to get 3 or 4 cars drive by after while. 

(a car driving away)

They were fun to do! They aren't great but a good learning experience nonetheless. 

This is south side of town. See that fence? That is the edge of town. The boys and I were curious the other day and drove the borders of our tiny town and we learned it is exactly a mile square. I can stand in the middle of town, turn in a circle, and see the four edges. Small towns. 

I liked how all the lights looked like there were rays shooting from them. 

I liked this photo even more when I pushed the boundaries of editing. 
Sometimes I kind of like the wild abstract look of things. 
Cool huh? 

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  1. I love your street light photos. I wish I could photo the moon too. The New England harvest moon has been beautiful.


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