Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Saturday morning here in southwest Kansas was heavenly.
It rained. and it rained. and it rained.

It rained the entire morning! We didn't even get an inch of rain but what a wonderful gift that inch was.

The kids and I were in a neighboring town at their annual town garage sale and it rained the entire morning. If you are an avid garage saler, you know that rain the arch enemy of garage sale day. Not so this Saturday. Everyone I met, huddled in their garage trying to keep their stuff dry, happily welcomed me and all the rain that came.

The dark Saturday morning was like a breathe of hope that maybe, just maybe, this horrible drought might be over. Maybe this year of 2011, which was drier than the dust bowl, won't repeat itself in 2012.

Despite the blessings of rain, it has thrown a wrench into harvest. Over the weekend this pile at the elevator was supposed to get tarped. Well, now it has a layer of wet corn 4" deep. No tarp for now. Everyone was happy to see the rain...except DR.
Go figure.

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