Wednesday, October 5, 2011


The sight of all this yellow gold is a wonderful to see in the fall.

Harvest is a hoppin' despite a devastating drought there's still quite a bit of corn coming into the DR's elevators. Of course yields have been low but not quite as bad as expected. The biggest problem so far this harvest has been moisture. Despite the drought the corn coming in is WET. I couldn't understand why until DR explained that because of the lack of rain the corn plants starting cannibalizing themselves back in the summer so that every little bit of moisture went straight to the corn. While the stalks dried out early the corn still hasn't and therefore all the elevators are drying corn continually and running out of wet space.

So harvest is going as well as can be expected. DR's exhausted. He leaves for work at 6:30 and gets home at 10:30. He's worked two weeks straight without a day off. Poor guy. Harvest is always something to look forward to but I'm always glad when it's over and this one looks like it will be over, at least the heavy rush, in a few more weeks.

There hasn't been much milo coming in yet. It might be harvested later and I don't think there was as much planted this year as there was last either. I don't know what it is about milo but I think it is beautiful to look at in the field.


  1. Oh, your poor hubby! Well, I commend him for his hard work doing something good. I commend YOU for being a good sport about the long hours and doing good crafting with your kids! Also, keep blogging. It's restorative for your soul and fun for readers!

  2. Yeah, Last night I heard the lovely "I wish Daddy was here" mantra after Kendal and I had a disagreement. And so it starts! Being a farm widow sure can be trying some days and nights! Hang in there!


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