Saturday, October 8, 2011

Return of the Wind

The Wind has returned to Kansas.

It's no secret that Kansas is a windy place. But oddly, or so I'm told, this past summer's lack of wind was very unusual. Maybe it had something to do with the drought or the extreme heat we had. One of the locals told me that it seems that the hotter it gets the less wind there is but even this year's 100+ temps the lack of wind was extreme. Lots of Kansans complain about the wind unless of course the wind is bringing in a storm.

I took this photo Wednesday night at the boys' football practice. Those were a lot of clouds and there was a LOT of wind that night and I was hoping for some rain but so far no luck. The weather has been calling for chances of rain all through the weekend...we'll see. Even if we are in the middle of harvest I don't think anyone in Kansas would complain about some, or lots, of rain.

I like the wind, of course, I haven't lived here long to learn to hate it like the locals.

Driving in wind can be tricky and is probably the worst thing about Kansas wind. When there are 40-50 mph winds and you are driving in a place with now trees it can sound as though someone is throwing sand at your car. Last week I wasn't paying attention and a sudden gust of wind blew my car onto the shoulder of the road. Thanks goodness there was a shoulder.

And of course if you leave your house windows open, and you aren't home, and a strong breeze blows all day...well, you come home to a layer of dust over the entire house. That's pretty aggravating.

But right now, I'm on my bed typing away on this blog post and the wind is rustling the curtains and whispering outside. It's a rather nice companion...for now. If I believe the locals Mr. Wind may wear out his welcome sooner than I think.

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