Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's Wrong with this Picture?


What's wrong with this picture? 

Do you need a closer look?

 A week ago that big pile of corn was covered with a pretty white tarp. 

What happened? 

A lot of bleeping Kansas wind blew the tarp off!
And boy, was it flapping in the breeze. 

I feel sorry for the poor guys who are going to have to fix this mess. 


  1. There are probably a lot of happy birds and critters will full tummies! Dang wind is howling here too, but there is rain in it. Probably snow flakes here and there if I had enough light to see! Brrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Yikes! I'd be pretty ticked if I woke up to that kind of mess (and had to fix it)! The kid in me wants to slide down that golden hill though!

  3. Hi, Prairie Mother. I saw your comment on RWR. Thank you btw. Clicked over to find you're in SW KS. Well, we're about to be neighbors. Sorta. My fam is moving to Wichita in a couple months. Looks like I better get ready for that wind!

  4. Hee hee, I kind of want to slide down that pile too!

    One of the worst things about SW Kansas Aimee, and this situation, is the pile is right next to a busy road. And when the wind blows, corn hits windshields!!

    Welcome to SW Kansas..LOL!


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