Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Devotions - God is your coworker.

As God’s co-workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain. 2 Corinthians 6:1

I came across this one verse recently that really got me to thinking, "I am God's co-worker." These words were originally written by Paul to solve problems within the church in Corinth. I imagine those problems probably involved bickering and disagreements within the church. Maybe someone in Corinth was getting too bossy trying to tell everyone just how the church needed to be run. 

Back when I was teaching, my building was pretty small with a faculty of roughly 15 teachers. For the most part we stayed in our own little rooms, going about our own routine and not bothering to even know what our "co-workers" were doing. But then, a few years after I started teaching, a new teacher just out of college, a bit younger than me, joined the faculty. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious! She convinced all the 8th grade teachers to work together for two weeks (along with the roughly 100 8th grade students) for a Christmas project that would include all subjects; math, art, English, social studies that would then be presented to the elementary, 6th and 7th grades right before vacation. 

It was a wonderful time to be teaching. Working with the other teachers to help our students create a presentation was rewarding and I never heard any of the faculty complain about the change in their schedule or routine. 

Yeah, God is Boss. But he's working right along with us. Jesus wasn't on this earth to boss the rest of us around to get things done. He walked beside us, talked and worked beside us..and still does. 

How do you view God? Is his work separate from yours? Are you upset at the idea of changing your routine and schedule to do God's work? Or do you view God's work and ideas as energetic and exciting? Is God your boss or is he your co-worker toiling right along beside you? 

Dear God, Thanks for reminding us that although You are the Boss, you are willing to work right along beside us. Help us work with You rather than against You. Amen. 

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  1. While it is good to be self-sufficient, working on a team is always fun and full of new learning experiences. Good for the new kid. I think I was the one who bounced around and brought people out of their rooms to work and socialize with others. It's the one thing I most fret about after leaving all these years; that a couple of my friends have become reclusive at work....

    "bout had a scare when I read my Yahoo news and saw there was a grain elevator explosion in Kansas. Looks like it was on the NE side of the state. Be safe over there! Did you get any of that Texas snow?

    Time for early church so we can get back to what we do, pick corn!

    Hugs from the chilly Midwest!


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