Monday, October 3, 2011

Marker Monday - Pumpkin Paintings!

We've been painting up a pumpkin patch this week and learned about color mixing with hardly any mess.

First, find a plastic bowl with a flat bottom.

I placed some red and yellow craft paint in squeeze bottles and the boys put dots of each color on the bottom of the bowl.

We made sure to have equal amounts of yellow and red but mix it up, more red or yellow, and see how many shades of orange you can create.

Then turn the bowl upside down on a piece of sturdy paper, we used cardstock, and twist it until all those dots of paint are mixed together.

With a q-tip, draw pumpkin lines or jack o' lantern faces.
If you can't get lines to show up you may need to reapply more paint.

With a clean q-tip you can add a stem, leaves or vines.

The perfect, fairly clean, pumpkin painting.

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  1. This is great. I have been trying to find some halloween/fall crafts to do with the girls. Thanks for sharing!


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