Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Happy Halloween Parade!

Yahoo, the princess, and her friend Batgirl
I just love our little town. 
Every year on Halloween, the elementary kids dress up and trick or treat through the high school right next to the elementary and then they parade up and down our main street trick or treating the local businesses. 

Teachers even get in the spirit and dress up. It's a great way to show off costumes to friends and family while it's daylight. 

Yip dressed as a Viking. 

Yap dressed as a WW1 soldier. The helmet he is wearing belonged to one of DR's relatives and is a real WW1 helmet. Heavy to wear but pretty cool. 

Little brothers and sisters get in on the fun too and trick or treat at the end of the line. How many towns could do something like this? 

Just one more reason I love my little town! 

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  1. Being partially of Norwegian decent I appreciate the viking costume, and the WW1 costume is pretty cool! Yahoo looks very pretty and I love the homemade wand! My mom used to make us wands and tiaras out of tin foil too!


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