Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kansas; Where We Live

We've been here in Montezuma, Kansas for about three weeks and I'd thought I'd just share some photos of what we see every day when we look around.
This is the main street in town looking north. It's never very busy and drivers in this town seem to be very aware and careful around children. More than once drivers have stopped on main street in the middle of the day to let us cross. Right below those huge grain bins is a bank, library, restaurant, grocery store and post office.
This is our view right across the street to the south, the high school. Actually it is the high school and elementary together but the elementary is on the opposite side from us. There are about 100 students in the whole high school and all the elementary classes (K-5) are in one hallway. There is only one kindergarten class and it is fairly large this year with 20 students. Last year there were only 10.  
This is our view behind the house to the southwest. Yep that's how close the pool is and Yap's bike is in our yard. With 100 degree temps that is pretty sweet! On average, we've been to the pool 3 times a week.

Living in town in Kansas is different from what I expected. I was thinking it would be desolate with absolutely nothing to do and no where to go but I was pleasantly surprised by the pool and the library. I sure didn't expect so many trees in town either. I expected more of this or even this.

Once you drive out of town though the scenery changes dramatically. We have windmills just like back home. You can't tell in the photo but these are much smaller and closer together than those in Benton County, Indiana.

The plains are dry and brushy and there are plants out there I would to get a better look at.

The Kansas sky has quickly become my favorite part of Kansas. It can be dark and menacing but captivatingly beautiful at the same time. A sky like this would have been something to worry about back in the Midwest but out here this sky, even though pretty scary looking, was too far away to worry about. Well, unless you are driving into it like we were!

I'm really enjoying living here in Kansas and I'm even learning to enjoy the long drives to "town". But everytime I look at this sky I get the urge to buy a horse...anyone have one for sale?? Just kidding...kinda..

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  1. Thanks for the pictures! I was eager to see what your new town looked like. I yearn for a small town like that...I hope it brings nothing but joy!


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