Monday, August 30, 2010

Marker Monday - School Clothes Organizers

Since the boys have been in school I have found that I have to find ways to keep Yahoo entertained. She's 18 months old and never been more than a couple hours away from her brothers. Oh, she doesn't necessarily miss them while they are at school but we've learned Yahoo doesn't have anything to do when she's by herself! Her form of playing is following Yip and Yap around or wrestling with them or letting them chase her around the house. (Yep, she enjoys being chased by boys....should I start worrying about that??)

Like I said....we need to find things to do. I came across the idea of a week's worth of school clothes organizing here and thought I could kill two birds with one stone. I'd get the boys organized for school in the mornings and give Yahoo a craft project to do one day. DR thinks I'm OCD for making these but he doesn't realize we NEED something to do. Hey, we can eat only so many bon-bons honey!

I started by cutting a piece of felt into two tags like this. The hole should be big enough for your clothes hanger's hook to fit through.

Then with a bottle of glue and a pile of felt scraps Yahoo went to town. I spread on the glue and she smeared glue everywhere placed the felt pieces neatly on the tags. We had to reglue quite a bit but Yahoo had fun and that's what counts.

Now Yip and Yap can pick out their clothes for the whole week, begin a good habit that will carry over into college and positively influence thier entire fraternity and be neatly organized for the rest of their lives!!

Okay, get up off the's not that funny. Hey, if they use these tags for a couple weeks I'll be happy.
At least I've tried!!

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  1. I think any attempt to organize yourself and get the morning off to a less chaotic start is extremely admirable! I'm trying all the tricks I can find, and I just might have to borrow this one!


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