Friday, August 20, 2010

First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day of school. Yip and Yap are so tall aren't they? New clothes, size 7 slim jeans! Wow, when did they grow?!

"What are you posing for brothers? Oh, yeah...Mommy has her camera out...AGAIN! CHEEEEESSSSE!!"

And off they went.
"Mom, go home. We are big boys and can walk by ourself!"
They are already acting like a couple of teenagers who are embarrassed by their mother. Just wait till they are teens, I'll give them something to be embarrassed about!

And Yahoo dutifully trailing behind her big brothers, doing whatever they do.

They never even looked back! Going to school was an unknown adventure they couldn't start on soon enough.

The only rough spot of the morning was when Yahoo turned around half way home and tried to follow the boys into school.

Yesterday was quiet. I wasn't constantly yelling at boys to stop fighting. I wasn't tripping over messes left and right. I wasn't searching the neighborhood to make sure Yip and Yap were staying out of trouble. Yahoo and I had plenty of one on one time together. We colored and played with baby dolls. I made 3 batches of pita bread and 6 pie crusts and I took a nap!
Yep, it's official. Yahoo and I are going to have to find something to do with our time because without the boys life could get very boring!


  1. forget how big the boys have gotten. . .who's little girl is in your pictures and what did you do with your baby?!?!?

  2. First day of Kindergarten! Did you cry?

  3. Nope, didn't cry...I just felt out of place all day.

    I can't believe how big my baby is either!! she's talking so much and becoming a big girl too.


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