Monday, August 2, 2010

Marker Monday - Dry Erase Cards

My mom gave my kids this box of activity cards,
to keep them busy during our road trip to Kansas.

They were great! They wiped clean with dry erase markers. My mom was smart enough to punch holes in the cards and put them on key rings.

There are mazes, games, draw your own pics, hidden pictures...all kinds of stuff in this box.

Not only did Yip and Yap play with these in the car but they loved playing with them in restaurants while we waited on our meal. The cards kept them busy without taking up tons of space. They were easy to snap on to my purse strap with a carbiner snap too!

I'd highly recommend these to anyone taking a road trip with kids!
 Thanks Mom!

If you interested in this or any other Usborne product you can contact Marcy Porter at (574)546-5654 or at Check out

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