Monday, August 9, 2010

My little corner over the weekend

Over the weekend I drew this in pastel. I won't tell what my goals or intentions were for this drawing because when DR looked at it he saw meanings and objects I had intended to include.

I want your opinions, good or bad, what do you think? What do you see?


  1. lol, okay so I didn't "see" anything in your drawing at first. . .then I clicked it to make the image larger. . .only guessing at what the husband so in the picture :)

  2. Um, an alien as in from outer space. That's at face value. Symbolically, it looks more like a tree.

  3. it looks like a woman, her feet in the soil, and her arms to the me anyway. it's lovely

  4. Thank you MLawman! That was exactly what I was going for. But my husband saw a sperm going into a vagina...hhhmmm....


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