Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The RV's on Fire!!

On our way through Richland, MO heading to KS we stopped at a little restaurant for lunch. About the time we were finishing up we saw smoke out the window and this is what we saw...

A camper on fire right in the restaurants parking lot!! See that car on the lower left? Yeah, that's our car. I was a bit nervous at this point. It was just a bit close for comfort.  

Of course the boys and I rushed over to window to see the show. Yap kept asking the waitress, "Did you expect a fire today? Wow! That is so neat! I didn't expect to see a fire today!!"

We stuck around to see the firemen suit up and put out the fire. We had to...the firetruck was blocking our car. I do believe this was the highlight of the day, even better than Meramac Caverns!

Good work guys and thanks for the free entertainment!!

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  1. YIKES! That's a bit too close for comfort! Following you now (thought I already was!)

    Please stop by if you need a break from all your craziness and share mine at


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