Monday, August 23, 2010

Marker Monday - Hogwarts Robes

This week are Yip's and Yap's 6th birthdays! Woo Hoo! They both requested Harry Potter robes this year. Now let me explain something real quick. I have unintentionally created a couple of little Potterheads.

I started reading Harry Potter to them about a year ago. I just wanted something longer and different to read at bedtime that we could all enjoy. I never expected to get all the way through the first one with Yip and Yap. We are now almost finished with #4! They love Harry Potter. They dress up like him, draw scars on their heads and swipe my hair picks to use as wands. We've learned to make Butterbeer and Pumpkin Pasties. Potterheads...well, I guess it's better than Dungeon and Dragons.

So for their birthdays they requested robes. A little searching and I found this tutorial;  How to make a Hogwarts Robe.  The pattern called to line the robe but I didn't and it worked fine. I also used bias tape on the front opening. I used a red tablecloth from a Christmas clearance sale. Red instead of black worked for the boys because Harry's Quidditch uniform was red in the first movie. I think it looks pretty good don't you?

The boys each chose their own buttons for the neck closure. I used a ponytail holder to loop around each button, one side of which is tacked down under one of the buttons.
To make the Hogwarts house badges I bought some Iron On Printer Paper from WalMart and printed off an image of the house crests online. I love this stuff, not only can you use it with your printer but you can draw on it with crayons and markers too and iron original artwork onto shirts, bags, etc.
Yes, Potterheads out there, I realize that Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff colors are not red but after I had the robes finished these were the badges the boys chose. Hey, it makes em' happy.

Even though the boys have seen me working on the robes they haven't seen them finished yet. Their birthday is Wednesday so hopefully I'll have the little wizards posing with their new uniforms later.

I'm almost afraid of what they'll ask me to make them next!

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