Monday, August 9, 2010

Marker Monday - Bike Baskets on the Cheap

After buying laundry detergent from Sam's Club for a couple years, I had a few empty buckets lying around. As we were packing up the house to move, I was throwing away or giving away stuff we really didn't need. I'm so happy we didn't get rid of these buckets though, they have made great (and cheap) bike baskets for Yip and Yap.

We headed to the hardware store where the boys picked out some spray paint. Gold and Neon Green? Interesting color combination. They drew up some skulls and crossbones and I made up some simple stencils from cereal boxes. Then with sharpie markers they added the details.

After drilling a few holes in the back of the bucket we used some cable ties to attach them to the front bar of the bikes. They are great and they hold so much stuff. Yap even brought home a tumbleweed the other day in his bike basket!  (Yep, we have tumbleweed here in Kansas!)

I don't know about you but I get a thrill everytime I can recycle an old item into something useful! Besides, the boys are already known as the boys with those creative bike baskets here in our new town! How great is that??

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