Thursday, August 5, 2010

Photo Thursday - Building Fence

This past weekend we were building fence...well, Yahoo and I were supervising while the menfolk were hard at work building fence. Our poor dog Knothead grew up in the country and sure doesn't like to be tied up so we are building a fence in the backyard for her and Yahoo. Yahoo's used to running free too and is having a hard time adjusting to town life and not getting to go outside whenever she wants to.

What are you doing Yahoo? Yelling at the workers? Aren't they working fast enough to suit you?

My brother came down this week from northern Kansas where he's in college and being the loving big sister I am I immediately put him to work digging holes! I tease these guys about their hats. "Is it a state law that you must own a cowboy hat?" I ask. But to tell the truth I understand why everyone out here wears them; the sun is so bright all the time that you need all that brim just for a bit of shade. Yeah, I'm a thinking I need a cowgirl hat.

Here's the new chop saw DR needed for this project.

Yip and Yap didn't get out of working either!
Carrying posts...

...plopping em' in the holes.

Ummm, they're a little crooked guys.

Mom, we need to add the concrete to make them straight...duh!

I'm tuckered out, let's take a break!!

The fence is coming along. After a hot Saturday working, all the posts are cemented in. Now we just wait for them to cure before we add the fence panels and gates. More fence updates to come!


  1. it's a priority thing, and I'm the kind of guy that likes to know well in advance what I'm doing next year so that I can get chew on it for a while....privacy fence estimate


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