Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colorado!! Part 1

Over the weekend we decided to make a whirlwind trip to see the mountains. Harvest and school will be starting soon and DR wanted to get to Colorado before life got too busy. We started out at 5am on Saturday morning.
The Colorado border is less than two hours away and once we passed the state line, I admit, I was a bit disappointed. So far, Colorado looked a lot like Kansas. This was our first glimpse of the mountains; a flat plain then all the sudden there they were.

Before we drove into the San Luis National Forest, slightly south of Pueblo,we stopped for lunch with the mountains behind us.

Yip and Yap were excited and could hardly wait to get on a the mountain trail!

We found a family friendly trail, not too hard but really rustic by Indiana standards, and the trees were everywhere! Aspens and pines towering above us with a mountain stream bubbling along the trail. The smell of the air was sweet and clean. I felt as though I was in a Louis L'Amour book!

The boys couldn't be stopped once they got on the mountain. They found some walking sticks and blazed ahead leaving Mom and Dad in the dust!

Of course, Yahoo wouldn't be outdone and she did her fair share of climbing, walking and running the trail too.

It was a very relaxing couple of hours on the trail. I was at the end most of the time just because I really enjoyed taking pictures like these of my family!

I didn't take all the pictures though, DR did snap a few of me too! Not often that moms are in pictures is it?

We spent a few hours here then drove on into the National Forest a bit and stumbled upon one of the most interesting sights I've ever come across; Bishop Castle, official website here. It deserves a post all its own!

Colorado Part 2 coming soon!


  1. Oh the mention of Aspens and pines transports me right to Colorado. It's a bit of a jaunt, but if you ever get the chance, visit Crested Butte, Colorado then go on to Uray and Ridgeway. They are just breathtaking! HEY! I think I can hear the Aspens quaking and smell that wonderful fresh pine smell. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Love Colorado! Uray and Telluride are musts for your next trip! Miss you guys!


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