Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Devotions - What's in your Bible?

As I was sitting in church last week, the minister began reading Scripture so I did what many of you probably do every Sunday in church. I opened my Bible to read along with him. But when I opened my Bible there was an avalanche of paper, pictures and newspaper clippings falling into my lap. I stuff lots of "stuff" into my Bible.

A fern I picked in the Smoky Mountains back in 1997.
I write a lot in my Bible too.

A note card and my grandfather's funeral bulletin from 2001.

A dog eared paper from Sunday school my 23 year old brother gave me when he was in elementary school.

And of course pictures of family.

Every so often this avalanche from my Bible prompts me to go through all the stuff and get rid of it!! But as I try to sort out these poems, keepsakes and other mementos I can't bear to part with them. Why? And why is it that I feel compelled to keep them in my Bible rather than in a shoebox in a closet somewhere?

The answer? Because all this stuff I "stuff" in my Bible brings me quietness of heart, a kind of peace that has been granted by God through a poem, a picture, a verse.

This Sunday I found this poem that I have photocopied from somewhere, I assume a church hymnal, that I want to share with you on this blessed Sunday.

Quietness of Heart
Give me, O Lord that quietness of heart that makes the most of labor and of rest. Save me from passionate excitement, petulant fretfulness, and idle fear, keeping me ever in the restful presence of Thy love.
Teach me to be alert and wise in all responsibilities, without hurry and without neglect. Tame Thou and rule my tongue, that I may not transgress Thy law of love. when others censure, may I seek Thine image in each fellow man, judging with charity, as one who shall be judged.

Banish envy and hatred from my thoughts.

Help me to be content amid the strife of tongues, with my unspoken thought. When anxious cares threaten my peace, help me to run to Thee, that I may find my rest and be made strong for calm endurance and valiant service.


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  1. As Heather's family has said for years "Her best artwork is on church bulletins." So I wanted to share with her that while searching my Bible the other day I found a sketch of me she did 10 years ago in church. It was titled "The Stinky One" which any one who knows our family knows this is my nickname. So Heather your right, you never know what is hiding in your Bible.


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