Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wow, my garden is ACTUALLY growing!

I was starting to have doubts that I'd ever get a garden to grow in Kansas but, much to my surprise, things are looking pretty good. Things are growing!

I have a tomato...that't going in tomorrow's dinner. I don't know what tomorrow's dinner is yet but it will definitely be tomato related.

Oh look! More a comin'! Maybe I will get to make tomato soup this year!!

And a zuchinni...that's going in tomorrow's dinner too....zuchinni and tomato...hmmm, what else?

I have an okra! I've never grown okra but now I have one and just have to figure out how to cook it!
Tomorrow's appetizer perhaps?

I just love the fact I can fix food from my own backyard.

However, this one has DR and I puzzled. After all our cucumbers were wiped out by hot, high winds this plant was left. We think it's a pumpkin. Buuuuut we didn't plant pumpkins. 

Hmmm...where did this plant come from??? Ah, HA!

 The culprit? We think this came from our Halloween jack o' lanterns that went into our compost pile which went into our garden! We'll see how it grows!  

We do need to get this garden mulched though for as hot as it is getting. Hopefully I'll find some straw to get on it soon to help hold down some of the moisture.

Do you have photos of your garden? I'd love to see what your garden is looking like.


  1. Your garden looks great and I would love to come have homemade soup with you!!!!!!! (My favorite)

  2. I was about burned out on our garden... and finally the heat came to get things rolling. I should share photos of our Volunteer pumpkin Patch this year! A few managed to get rototilled in from last year, so I was off the hook for planting this year!


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