Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where's the Vacation?

Is summer over yet?

I flipped my calendar from May to June a few days ago and was shocked to see this month was already full of activities!  4-H, swim lessons, baseball, play dates, bake sales, Vacation Bible School, library reading program.

I don't remember being this busy when I was a kid. How is it that summer is busier than the school year? I didn't plan on scheduling my kids' summer so full. It just kind of snuck up on me. I was scratching my head thinking....where can we loosen up some of our time?

Of course some of it I refuse to cut out. We live a block from the swimming pool and sorry kids but swimming lessons are a must! And I have a standing play date once a week that gives me 2 hours of me time...ahhh, peace and quiet. Nope, not giving that up either.

And how can I say no to Bible school or the library? No, those activities are too important; we're not getting rid of them. 4-H and Baseball? Well, the boys enjoy it too and would raise a fit if I cut them out of the schedule.

I should just be thankful that I have twins!! Yep, twins were tough to handle when they were only a year old, I admit. But now having twins is a blessing! Yip and Yap are on the same baseball team, go to the same library program and swimming lessons, and do the same 4-H projects. For now anyway...twins are great to have. I'm choosing to not even think about what happens when Yahoo is older and I have three kids going three different directions.

How on Earth did my mom juggle 7 kids in the summer? The older I get the more I think of my mother as Super Woman!

Well, I've decided to just be flexible this summer. If we miss some 4-H meetings or library days or other things, then no big deal. My summer goal is to stay as stress free as possible. But please, oh please, let July be a bit slower than June! busy are you this summer?

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  1. I've not signed them up for anything. I actually feel a little guilty. We have a pool pass so that should keep us entertained. I guess since this is H's last summer before kindergarten I want them to myself. Although ask me in August and I will probably be begging for someone else to entertain them!


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