Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Archery Contest!

Yip and Yap had a 4-H Archery contest over the weekend.

They LOVE archery. The only complaint they have is no one will let them shoot a crossbow! HA!

One boy shoots left handed, one shoots right; they have different dominate eyes although they are both right handed.

The kids were divided by age and discipline (which kind of bow they shot) and the boys were in the youngest group. We started at 9 am and finished around noon.

A long day for the youngest kids but they managed to keep themselves entertained while waiting for the older kids to finish shooting.

But what they were really looking forward to was the 3-D shoot. There were about 15 or so target animals set up as part of the contest; bears, deer, wolverine, boar, fox.

But they were really looking forward to shooting at the fake alligator!
After his arrow ricocheted off it's back, Yap wanted to know if the instructor put real alligator scales on the back! The funniest though was one of the other little boys shot a standing bear right between the legs...oh the giggles that ensued!

Don't they look handsome out there shooting?
Now get out there and get me a real deer boys!!

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